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PPHU CASMET-SYSTEM is a partner for companies from many industries:

We have many years of experience, the company’s capabilities and machinery allow for comprehensive services, from determining and developing technical conditions, through designing details and developing technology. We implement prototypes, we perform serial production. Casmet-System will implement the project from the idea to the finished product.

We cooperate, with logistics centers, companies from the electronics and electromechanical industries, furniture industries, companies equipping laboratories, industrial facilities and shops, mail order companies, interior architects and companies from the advertising industry.

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Sheet metal laser cutting

We have two BYSTRONIC lasers. Possibility of cutting details on formats 1000×2000 mm or 1500×3000 mm. We cut out any shapes. We also offer assistance in designing and making a technical (production) drawing. We cut from black sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 8 mm, from stainless and acid-resistant (acid) sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 6 mm, from aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1 mm to 4 mm, from aluzinc sheets with a thickness of 1 mm to 4 mm.

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Bending of sheet metal

We have AMADA CNC press brakes, a hydraulic press “for special tasks” – difficult bending, non-standard – large radii, high shelves of elements.

We offer a wide range of services related to sheet metal processing: professional executive, production and technical drawing, laser cutting (cutting), cutting, cutting, bending, pressing PEMs, dowels, threaded bushings, welding black and stainless steel, powder coating, threading, chamfering, twisting, welding, turning.



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MIG & TIG Welding & LASER Welding

We weld using the MIG and TIG method and LASER weld black sheets in ST grade, stainless steel sheets, acid sheets (acid-resistant) in grades 304, 316, grind, debur, we offer mechanical processing, powder coating. We make difficult, non-standard metal constructions, requiring interesting technical solutions


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spawanie laserowe


We produce: Table frames, furniture frames, shelves, extra beds, beds, brackets, housings, built-ins, posts, hooks, stands, stands, browsers, rotary hangers, rotary stands, displays, shelves, shelves, metal details, sheet metal elements, elements from profiles, pipe elements, infokiosks, metal racks, metal arches, sheet metal displays, sheet metal displays, metal elements for electronics, electrical engineering, photovoltaics, sheet metal shelves, sheet metal covers, sheet metal covers, sheet metal screens, sheet metal louvers, medical equipment housings, stands for medical equipment, brackets for medical equipment, front plates, support plates, support plates, mounting plates, metal mounting strips, metal brackets, mounting brackets, control cabinet elements, IT enclosures, welded structures, sheet metal structures, sheet metal constructions, enclosures for precision mechanics, ESD tables, industrial tables, loft structures.



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Powder coating

We have our own modern powder paint shop. We paint not only products manufactured in our company, but also offer powder coating services. We guarantee high quality.

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lakierowanie proszkowe

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles ensures unprecedented precision and optimization of production. The laser cutter allows you to cut pipes and profiles into specific elements and to cut precise holes.


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