Metal blendes


We make metal blends and louvers to order. Blends serve as decorative covers for desks and reception counters. They also fulfill the functions of partition walls between workstations. We produce blends for any size, but not exceeding the development of 2000 x x650 mm.

The blends are aesthetically bent and equipped with fasteners for the tabletop, beam channel or desk legs.

Aranzacja INTERVITO Lada 2590x1890 logo 1024x768 1

Table blend BB 01

biurko 1750x700x805 1024x768 1

Reception blend 1

Biurko Zabudowa recepcyjna Art1 l 13820mm 1024x768 1

Reception blend 2

LADA     1024x768 1

Reception blend 3

lada biblioteka 1024x768 1



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